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6 Amazing Health Care Tips in Monsoon to Stay Fit

health care tips in monsoon

Health Care Tips in Monsoon

Who doesn’t like the first drop of rains after scorching summers? Who will we not enjoy the divine petrichor that emanates from the earth? We all do! The love for stepping out and enjoying long drives, mouthwatering foods, hot soups, and much more is unexplainable and must be experienced by everyone out there.

This fruitful weather comes along with various monsoon diseases. Few of these can be easily treated, but some can be life-threatening such as stomach infection, skin infections, jaundice, malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, viral fever, etc. These conditions occurs due to the unhygienic conditions and not sticking to the preventive measures.

Do you know that these conditions can create havoc in your regular lifestyle? So, do not take them very lightly! Sometimes a small mistake and ignorance will turn into a devastating condition, which is unable to handle.
Do Take Care of Small Problems in this Monsoon to Enjoy this Season to the Fullest!

Let’s see the most common condition in the monsoon. You have itching on any part of the skin and you are ignoring it thinking that it will heal on its own. But, it is a fact that healing process is very slow in monsoon. These small scratches can turn into destructing skin infection in few days.

So start following preventive measures and pamper yourself more in this monsoon!

Healthy Tips to Imbibe in this Monsoon

1. Say Know to Street Food: I know it is very difficult to keep street food away when there are heavy rains and the climate is pretty pleasant. But, the fact is, these food products make you more prone to various diseases. Food poisoning and stomach infections are more common in monsoon season, owing to bad eating habits.
Here is some food to avoid in monsoon here:

2. Boost your immunity: Immunity is basically nothing but body’s resistance power to diseases. It can help combat diseases and infections and keeps them at bay. So, add some immunity boosting ingredients in your daily diet to stay fit this monsoon. You can include almonds, peanut butter, salmon, banana, kale, oatmeal, pistachio, hummus, greek yogurt etc.

3. Stay hydrated: Try to increase your water intake to avoid dehydration. Instead of having plain water, you can opt for lime juice, mineral water, juices, to stay hydrated and even to satisfy your taste buds. Say no to carbonated, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. Dehydration can create various medical conditions. Thus, carry a water bottle at least during the traveling.

4. Get Shower: After getting drenched in the water or even after coming from outside in this monsoon, directly go for a bath. Take a warm bath to rejuvenate your senses and to keep the fungal and bacterial infection at the bay. Every time you get wet, clean and dry yourself neatly to protect your skin and body for various waterborne diseases. It is very necessary to get clean, otherwise, you will end up spreading the germs to your family members.

5. Wash Your Hand: Hands are a great carrier of germs as they touch very unsafe places and germ-prone areas outside. Thus, cleaning your hands with proper anti-septic liquid or soap is very effective to maintain your health. If you ignore this step of hygiene, you will end up destroying your health and encountering various diseases. It may include cold, cough, flu, stomach infection etc.

6. Food to Avoid: In this monsoon, you need to keep a close check on the food you are eating. Try to avoid green leafy vegetables, carbonated drinks, fried food, spicy items, seafood, fruits juices from roadside vendors and the list goes on.

This Monsoon, Take a Small Step Towards Hygiene and Natural Tips to Avoid Monsoon Disease and to Enjoy this Season to the Fullest!

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