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Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure


Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure


Nowadays every 2nd person is suffering from Urinary or Kidney problems. Actually, today’s lifestyle, food habits, stress, sitting in one place for a long time has created these problems.

A kidney is an essential organ of the body as it plays the most vital function of the body. It helps in detoxifying the body, filtering waste from the body and maintaining the right body fluid levels. Maintaining a Kidney health is the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle! If the kidney fails to do these functions

One can diagnose kidney problems when there is a swelling in the body, he/she gets regular cramps, feels nauseatic and feels tired etc.

We can follow these steps to take care of Kidney:

  • Drink a lot of fluids, at least 15-20 liters is ideal per day as per the climatic conditions.
  • Regular exercise with morning walks helps a lot in kidney functioning
  • Keep a check on your diet and weight. Avoid processed, oily, salty food. Obese people are more likely to get affected by kidney health.
  • Do not consume a lot of minerals as the sediment may cause crystals and then turn into stones.
  • Regularly visit the physician or doctor for the check-up of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, urinary test for albumin etc.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol & smoking
  • Eat lots of Fibre-rich foods, fruits, vegetables, pulses and legumes which help to regulate bowel movement and detoxifies the body.
  • Do not eat acidic fruits like tomatoes, grapes, citrus etc. as these fruits can irritate the bladder.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure

There are many herbs such as Punarnava, Gokshur, Barley, parsley, turmeric, Ginger which helps to take care of kidneys.

  • Punarnava has diuretic, antibacterial, antioxidant, analgesic, spasmolytic properties due to flavonoids, Glucosides, Alkaloids, Ursolic acid, Oxalic acid present in them. These properties may act on a urogenital system which helps in removing toxins and strengthening the Urinary system. Diuretic & other properties of Punarnava helps in the treatment of water retention which helps in controlling urinary tract infection. Thus Punarnava helps in maintaining Kidney health.
  • Gokshur or Gokshura known as Tribulus Terrestris also has diuretic, aphrodisiac, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing properties. Diuretic and revitalizing properties help in maintaining healthy Urinary tract and promote kidney and prostate health. Gokshur effectively cleanses the urinary bladder thus helps in regulating the functioning of the urinary system. the decoction of Gokshur helps in dysuria and may help to keep away from dialysis.
  • Barley or Wheatgrass is a superfood which is a rich source of fibers, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and minerals which are essential for the body. It also provides vitamins, selenium, chromium, magnesium. All these properties help barley water in maintaining urinary and kidney health.

Natural Home remedies for kidney health

  • Drink lemon juice on regular basis, as it breaks down calcium and slows down the process of kidney stone formation.
  • Take equal quantities of gokshur powder, khas powder, kulith powder and varun powder and make a mixture of all these. Put 1 tsp. In a glass of water and drink this juice 3 times a day. This may help to flush out kidney stones.
  • Tulsi or holy basil is also a great remedy on the kidney stone. Boil some tulsi leaves in water for 15 mins. Cool it and drink one glass of this fluid with honey at least twice a day. Tulsi stabilizes the uric acid levels and slows down the process of kidney stone formation.
  • Cush about 50-60 kidney beans and boil this in 4 liters of water for 4 hours. Cool it for 8 hours and strain the liquid twice without stirring. Drink this liquid daily.
  • Coriander seed is a coolant. Soak 3 tbsp. Coriander seeds and 1 tbsp. Candy sugar (khadisakar) in an earthen vessel with 3 cups of water for an overnight. Mix well and drink this water 3 times a day.

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