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Organic Certified Green Superfood Supplements such as Wheat grass, Barley grass, Alfalfa in powder and tablet forms.

Also some formulations like Spirulina and Green formulations like Green food formulation made of 7 superfoods like (Alfalfa, Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Spirulina etc.), Green Veggie Formulations made of 7 Super Veggies like Cabbage, Spinach, Parsley, Carrot, Beetroot, Methi leaves etc. blended with Digestive enzymes such as Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Amla, Pippali, Ajma, Methi seeds.

This formula contain essential phytonutrients,antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-aging, anti-diabetic & anti-lipidemic properties. It also is a rich source of dietary fibers & iron.