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Elements Champi Champion Tailam Oil – 200ml Massage Oil


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Where to buy Elements Champi Champion Tailam Oil online?

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To begin with, Elements Champi Champion Tailam Oil offers a unique rejuvenation process of massage to the body and its parts after application of medicated oils. To begin with, This oil is processed by slowly boiling sesame oil with added herbs such as Masha and other ingredients which are good for hair, muscles, and skin. Massaging skin using this oil promotes blood circulation, de-stress and improves the sense of well being. It also reduces stiffness and muscular pain, rejuvenates and tones the body. Likewise, This oil can as well be used for massaging legs, face, hands, and whole body.

Benefits of No Champi Oil

  • The process of Champi Champion Tailam is made effective by using a unique process called Taila Pak Vidhi
  • Delays premature ageing of body THROUGH TOTAL REJUVENATION
  • Reduces pain and stiffness by promoting circulation of blood
  • Gives instant energy on account of toning whole body
  • Improves muscle suppleness and strength
  • Can be used for Hair, Face, and Body with all-round benefits
  • Promotes better sleep for days after the process
  • It is for full body application but equally effective for scalp and hair
  • Will deliver results even with moderate pressure
  • Reduces Hair Fall and delays premature ageing

Important Note

  • For external use only; if you have swallowed a large quantity, please try to vomit and throw out from the system.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • It is important to take a bath within 30-60 minutes of application of Champi Champion Tailam.
  • This is not a cure for serious disorders of skin muscles and scalp (like psoriasis, alopecia, and muscular dystrophy)
General Guidelines & Facts for Usage of Products From Elements
  • However, All Products of Elements Wellness are 100 % Vegetarian
  • Basically, All these products are Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines
  • Elements Wellness products are made from 100% Natural Actives and do not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Besides, All products tested for freedom from the presence of heavy metals and microbiological content
  • All raw materials in our products conform to API/In-House specifications
  • In addition, many of the herbs used in these products have strong scientific validation through published studies
  • Our products are all safe to use; however in the rare event of any problem due to individual sensitivities/allergies after usage please discontinue and consult with Physician
  • Consume these products immediately after a meal, unless otherwise specified
  • If you are using other drugs for the same ailment, it is best to leave a gap of 2 hours between these products and your regular medication
  • All products herein awarded the Ayush Premium Mark given by Quality Council of India
  • Please use regularly as advised for better results
  • Please consult a Physician as required before use of these products

Specification of Elements Champi Champion Tailam Oil

KEY INGREDIENTS Masha, Bala, Shashtik Saali, Nimba Taila, Haritaki, Dugdha, Tea Tree Oil
BENEFITS Provides relief from muscular pains, improves skin luster, reduces hair fall with regular usage
FOR WHOM Those with muscular pains and dull skin; those seeking rejuvenation; for those with mild skin infections; FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY WHAT AGE Adults (male and female) and children
WHAT AGE 3 years +
HOW MUCH As required to spread evenly on the body; massage locally on affected parts or whole body including scalp and hair twice weekly, followed by a bath in slightly warm water after 30 minutes
PACK SIZE 200ml Liquid
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