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On & On Diabalife Veg capsules – 30 caps


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Where to buy On and On Diabalife Veg capsules online?

Shop Online On and On Diabalife veg capsules at ayurvedicshopon.com.

New, improved ON and ON Diabalife veg capsules contain 100% stabilized Allicin.
To begin with, this novel formulation contains well-known Ayurvedic actives like Gudmar, Arecanut, and Neem indicated in Ayurveda to work in metabolic syndrome.
Published scientific studies have corroborated these benefits in human subjects.
Moreover, regular consumption of the herbs present in this product helps by managing the body’s natural sugar management process. May help build immunity from common ailments.
For best results, recommended regular consumption for 60 days.
Consume New On and On Diabalife veg capsules along with your regular medication. Ensure you keep a minimum gap of 1 hour between your regular medication and Diabalife.

How is New On and On Diabalife Veg capsules different from the current product? Have we removed any ingredients from the current product? Is the allicin the same as what was used earlier?

However, New ON&ON Diabalife veg capsules are different in composition from the current Diabalife. As more new ingredients have been added to improve the functioning benefit of the product. All the ingredients continue to be present in the new Diabalife. Moreover, the new Diabalife contains the same stabilized allicin at the same level as was present in the earlier product. It may be noted that scientifically proven and known ayurvedic ingredients that promote efficacy in diabetic persons namely Gudmar, neem and Aarecanut have been added to enhance the efficacy of the product. The content of the product (capsule) has gone up to 510mg from 210mg earlier.

Will New Diabalife work on both HbA1C as well as blood sugar levels

Yes, there are many clinical/lab studies conducted on the different herbs in New Diabalife that demonstrate action on HbA1C as well as Blood Sugar Levels (BSL)

What are the ingredients in this ON and ON Diabalife veg capsules? 

100% Stabilised allicin, Elephantous scaber, karela, Spinacia oleracea, Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Ddalchini) along with additional new ingredients added namely Ggudmar, nee, and Arecanut.

How is this product different from other products for sugar management available in the market?

New Diabalife is one of those few products in the market for sugar management that contains 100% stabilized allicin along with scientifically proven and ingredients known in ayurveda in a novel potent combination, packed in 100% vegetarian capsules

Should this product be given for normal customers, pre-diabetic customers or diabetic customers? Will the dosage be different in each case?

New Diabalife capsules are meant for both prediabetic and diabetic customers.
It is required to be taken by diabetic customers in addition to their regular medication with a gap of 1 hour between them.
As with all products consumed by diabetics periodical determination of blood sugar levels and HbA1C is recommended and review with their physicians.
New Diabalife is not intended for normal customers.

Main Ingredients

  • 100% stabilized Allicin, Cinnamon, Karela, Elephantous scaber, Neem, Arecanut, Gudmar & Cheera along with suitable excipients in a 100% vegetarian capsule.
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