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Why People Chose Herbal Medicines Over Modern Medicines?

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The debate on modern medicines versus herbal or Ayurvedic medicines is going on since ages. Many researchers and scientists have been searching for the solution to this fight. But, unfortunately, they have failed in this battle as both these treatments have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s consider a situation. You are enjoying a normal working day, then suddenly you have encountered an unbearable headache, and now you are not able to focus on your work or perform any other activity. What will you do at the first attempt? Will you think of trying any home remedy, any Ayurvedic medicine or you will go for any modern medicine? Think! Everyone knows the answer. We will get up from our place and stretch our hand towards a first aid kit, which is filled with modern medicines. Find out the favorable medicine and consume it without thinking about its adverse effect on the body as we focus on an instant relief rather than living a long life.

Most of the people of today’s generation have been experiencing adverse effects of overconsumption of modern medicines over the period of time. You must have heard that most of the oldies always say that they were not used to suffer from these many medical conditions when they are of your age. This one statement makes us think that there should be something wrong in our lifestyle and the kind of medicine we choose for our problems.

Yes! The problem lies in the harsh chemicals, antibiotics, steroids we imbibe in the daily life. Modern medicines are full of these ingredients to exert an immediate effect on various medical conditions. They can make you suffer from extreme adverse effects if you cross the certain limit. This has become the essential and trending reason for people to switch from modern medicines to herbal once.

Reasons for Choosing Herbal Medicines over Modern Once:

  • We India have a beautiful and glorious history of herbs. In the ancient era, the saints and villagers used to treat their problems with earthy and beneficial herbs because modern medicines were not available at the time. This glory of herbs has been passed for centuries to help today’s generation to get treated with herbal medicines and experience minimal side effects. Just take one situation into consideration. if you have a normal cough and cold, you can go for a ginger and honey juice instead of taking cough syrup. This herbal juice blend can treat a cough and cold easily and provide other such as morning sickness, nausea, and headache.
  • Unlike modern medicines, herbal ingredients and products believe in permanent healing rather than just quick relief for the temporary purpose. It also offers a suitable lifestyle to improve overall well-being. Most of the modern treatment is focused on the destroying germs, bacteria, virus etc. to provide instant relief. It does not ensure the long-term benefits or adverse effect on the same time.
  • Herbal medicines are prepared from the fruit extract, veggies, or other parts of the plant and thus do not exert any side effect. In turn, these products provide added advantages to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Herbal supplements are recommended to incorporate into daily diet as they showcase beneficial results and are designed with natural drugs, which are easy to digest and does not exert any side effect. On the other hand, modern medicines are synthetically prepared and they depict some of the other adverse effects.
  • Today even the modern medicines are taking help of pure herbs to offer added benefits. For example, many beauty products are incorporated with herbs such as Turmeric, Neem, Tulasi to offer a naturally glowing skin. Shikakai and Hibiscus have been used for ages and are still getting used in the modern products to support hair health. This fact has shown that herbs have the power to treat many mental and physical conditions.
  • Herbs and Ayurveda promote holistic health and refreshing mind. Thus, today’s generation is more keen to choose herbal supplements for healthy weight loss, detoxification, liver support and much more. Young people follow the healthy way to lose weight and stay fit. They do not go for any modern therapy for the same and still are experiencing extremely beneficial results.

With all the prosperity and benefits, you should decide whether to go for herbal products to be assured for a lifetime cure of to chose a modern way to experience instant relief and later side effects if overused!

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